Personal Vocal Blessing with Written Message

Personal Vocal Blessing with Written Message

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Vocal Blessing / Activation with a Channeled Message


Your Vocal Blessing is created uniquely for you, to empower your truest essence and to awaken your soul's wisdom.  


Do you wish there was something simple you could do, whenever faced with a situation that confuses you? 


Your Vocal Blessing is something you can go back to any time you feel the need to restore, to regroup, to realign with you own essence. The powerful vocal frequencies of this channeled blessing embrace you with love and infinite support.


Your Vocal Blessing is a meditative vortex, bringing you back to your own centre, helping you to stay aligned with your core essence.


1. Vocal Blessing / Activation

-  Your intuitively channeled Vocal Blessing / Activation is a unique way to evoke your soul's wisdom, to help you make the best decisions in your situation and stay in alignment with your highest path. Beautiful listening experience that will elevate your frequency and deepen your sense of inner peace.

- Recorded specifically for you. Downloadable through a private link.


2. Channeled Message is included with the Vocal Blessing

- Ask me about any area of your life you would love some support with. This intuitively channeled message will give you loving insights and clarity around the subjects most close to your heart at this moment

- Channeled specifically for you. Downloadable through a private link.



Your personal Vocal Blessing is something you can go back to any time you feel the need to realign with you own essence, embracing you with love and infinite support for who you are. 





    There is no refund policy, after the Irindira Blessing is created.


    If your vocal blessing and/or written message does not resonate with you, you are entitled to a conscious connection call with me online (30min), to cover any possible questions you might have. 


    This is a downloadable product that you will receive through a private link directly to you, where ever you are. 


    ''What others have experienced through their Irindira Blessing?''

    '' Thank you so much for the incredible words and beautiful song!!!  I am moved, overjoyed, connected, motivated, understood through the sounds, tones, reverberations.... this is my essence, you sing and channel what I am not able... I Love it, I love you, I love IRINDIRA, I love LOVE!! I love Light!! ''
    - Charity, Pompano Beach, USA

    ‘’ Wow!!!! The blessing I received from you is so beautiful and spot on. I am blown away by the beauty of your voice and ability to be such a pure channel of Brilliance. I listen to the blessing daily and I've read what you wrote many times. So much wisdom and love! Thank you from the depths of my heart and soul. I'm sending you so much love.’’ 
    - Marcia, Santa Cruz, USA. 

    '' Thank you so much for your blessing!!!!  I sit here in awe and in tears….  from both the written words as your goddess sounds. I'm so grateful to receive your gift. You are an amazing seer, healer, dancer and creative Goddess. I bow to you with love and respect. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.’’
    - Anniek, Belgium

    ‘’Wow, the message and sound blessing are so touching.  So much support, comfort and grounding -- I love it!  Thank you Meri and Irindira!!’’
    - Irene, Vancouver, Canada

    '' I'm so blown away, and I'm still in tears for your reflection and wisdom and expression. You're giving me a very generous gift and this also happens on a day I so needed to be reminded who and what I am about.... This is such a gift.''
    - Riikka, San Francisco, USA/Finland

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