HydroLab is a collaborative project between Sound Artist Meri Nikula (FI)

and Multidisciplinary Artist Kate Gane (AUS).

They are coming together from opposite sides of the world for their project 'Bottled Water Exports'

- a series of participatory artistic events as a part of the Art Ii Biennial ​in Ii, Northern Finland

in 4.-10.th June 2018. 

This work is also the base for HydroLab, which is a performative part of their collaboration.

Water is the main  material of this project: for the sounds, for lighting and visuals. 

Preview of a concert for a press conference, Art Ii Biennial 2018. Water Vocals solo by Meri Nikula.



For the  concert there are 7 fish bowls with water. They will be lit with a portable lamp/torch each, to create flickering light effects that move as the water moves. Sounds will be created underwater as well, with a hydrophone. Nikula and Gane both manipulate the water by pouring in colour to change to colour of the light, blowing bubbles to make sound and moving light effect, etc. Nikula also uses her voice, interacting with water (see video above!) to create a full concert with looping and layering of the voices and the sounds. 

This is simple set up where people can watch the special effects unfolding before their eyes.

With very basic elements, Nikula and Gane create a curious world unlike anything you have heard before.



HydroLab is providing their own equipment (microphones, stage mixer, looper etc.) except for speakers.



Kate Gane will work on her collaboration with Meri Nikula in Helsinki in September 2018.

Travel funds have been covered.



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© 2018 by Meri Irindira Nikula

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